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about the artist

IEVA ŠKONDINA is a self taught artist who creates intuitive abstract art. 


Painting inspiration from the depths of her subconscious mind, Ieva’s work captures the essence of emotions, thoughts and experiences translated onto canvas through a meditative, spontaneous and organic process.


Ieva’s intuitive approach to art-making allows her to tap into her creativity, where each brushstroke is guided by instinct and intuition rather than predetermined idea. The result is a body of work that is both dynamic and evocative, inviting viewers to interpret and engage with the artwork on a deeply personal level.


Growing up near the coast of Lithuania, it has given her a great appreciation and respect for nature, it’s power and uniqueness. 


She seeks inspiration from it, also memories linked to places visited, feelings brought out by it, colours and textures around that she finds positive and tranquil. 


Working mainly with acrylics, she often incorporates other mediums to achieve different textures and effects. Creating something that connects with oneself is her goal.


Since she started her creative journey in 2020, she has been successfully working with clients to create unique pieces to fulfil their desired emotion and energy, whilst complimenting their home and interior.

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